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2. Explain why you have been distant.

Jan 17, 2023 · Date nights can help you rekindle the love and passion that you once had, which can make it easier to talk about complex topics like why you and your wife haven’t spoken in a week.

Hi love gurus, My girlfriend and I haven't spoken in a week and it's driving me nuts.

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<strong>Talk to your wife as soon as possible.

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I haven't talk as much as this for years. .

There are a few possibilities here. It's up to you ho.

Jump right into catching up on their life.
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My girlfriend doesn't want to break up and stated that she needs time, because she was still angry with me.

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. , LPC, NCC, ACS, a licensed professional. Dec 10, 2020 · In all situations, but especially ones that might feel awkward, remember to keep the focus on yourself and how you've been feeling, Keith J. 72. “For others, you might wait until you can have a face-to-face — or mask-to-mask. If she hasn't texted you in a.

The appropriate response to being a jerk is for her to have a mature conversation about it.

Something like “sorry I haven’t been reaching out much, I’ve been going through some things” you can make this more detailed or more vague if you want. She probably realized that she is doing the lion's share of keeping this going and decided you either weren't interested or were stringing her along.



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" There's nothing heavy here and if he's a decent guy he's going to respond back.