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A hotspot is a satellite image pixel with high infrared intensity, indicating a heat source. Provides Near Real-Time, Real-Time and Ultra Real-Time data.

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The Hotspot analysis tool returns three levels of confidence ie 90%, 95% and 99% confident.

Use the search bar to type in your location, or zoom and scroll to explore the current wildfire map. . For Tips, Suggestions and What's new visit FIRMS Blog.

I have been looking at when fires occurred and whether that reflected expectations.

US Wildfire Info. OK. A Large Fire, as defined by the National Wildland Coordinating Group (NWCG), is any wildland fire in timber 100 acres or greater and 300 acres or greater in grasslands/rangelands or has an Incident Management Team assigned to it.

Explore the state of forests worldwide by analyzing tree cover change on GFW’s interactive global forest map using satellite data. This map displays thermal hotspots, which are shown as bright red dots.


Landgate FireWatch - fire information across Australia *.

Global fire map and data. Use the search bar to type in your location, or zoom and scroll to explore the current wildfire map.

Web Map by esri_livefeeds. .

Each VIIRS active fire/thermal hotspot location represents the center of a 375m pixel.
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Climate change is fueling wildland fires though they are human induced. . .

8-GW coal-fired EGU with an 840-MW combined cycle turbine that developers expect to initially co-fire 30 percent electrolytic hydrogen in 2025 and 100 percent hydrogen by 2045. website LAPAN Fire hotspot 2. . May 18, 2023 · Witnesses told Channel 9′s Joe Bruno that the fire started on the second floor. According to Cal Fire/ Riverside County Fire Department, the Ramona Fire started at about 2:11 p.

The hotspots depicted on the map are derived from the NOAA satellite and they represent locations with possible fires.

Discover, analyze and download data from National Interagency Fire Center. This is significant for fire managers, who now have two decades of continuous hotspot data.


Current wildfire information.

DEQ Laboratory launches survey to prioritize locations for new SensORs™.

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